The Complete Guide to Indonesian Girls

Although we know that there is no way that you can possibly know all there is to know about girls, women or anything in general. We do have some of the most important things that you need to know about Indonesian girls. By knowing these few but amazing things, it will help you get to know some of the Indonesian girls better.

  1. They are Fast Drivers
    We can’t deny the fact that most women in most places of the world avoid driving, but not Indonesian girls. They love to drive and they are good at it to add on to that. They are actually considered to be the fastest female drivers in the world. Most women can actually overtake other cars at 130kms/hr and not even flinch was they do it.
  2. They Love Shopping
    This is typical of most women around the world to be honest they simply love shopping. We are not sure why women love shopping. Maybe shopping for women is like playing online casino games for men, who knows.
  3. They Love Home
    Most women in western countries can’t wait to move and be independent so that they can start their own lives. But statistics shows that most Indonesian girls, actually 43% of them aged between 18 to 34 stay with their parents. That being said if ever you get lucky to date one of them, you need to be careful when she decides to invite you to her place.
  4. They Love Picking Fights
    We have known most women to be lovers of peace and try to avoid conflict. But then there are Indonesian girls, they just can’t seem to live without conflict. So, just be forewarned that they will at most times pick a fight with you, even if you don’t want one.
  5. They Love Tattoos
    In most places, tattoos are mown to be a taboo for one reason or the other. But it seems as though Indonesian girls are breaking that trend and they are loving tattoos. They prefer the small and colourful ones. Not anything too big or too loud.
  6. Their Choice In Music Is Unique
    There are those songs in every country that people will tell you stay away from. However, ironically it is those very songs that manage to somehow tickle the fancy of Indonesian women. They simple love odd songs which is odd for most people.
  7. They Have Small Feet
    Other than their looks to brag about, most Indonesian women have small feet and they really like that about themselves.
  8. They Know How To Treat Their Men
    Most women love to brag about how they know how treat their men, but trust us, it is the Indonesian girls and women who would take that cup on any day. And they don’t even have to brag about it.

These are a few of the things that you need to keep in mind before you start pursuing or befriending an Indonesian girl. We mentioned earlier that it is quite impossible to have them all figured out, but the above-mentioned factors pretty much round it all up.