What Do Indonesian Girls Look For In A Man?

Women are very selective when it comes to the type of man that want. And while it may be hard to try and figure out what a woman wants and needs in a man, there are few things that will always stand out. After having talked to several women and girls all over Indonesia we picked a few of things that they all somehow all wanted in their ideal man and we are more than willing to share that information with you.
What Indonesian Girls Look For In A Man
There are countless things that women need and want in their man. However after have talked to a few hundred of Indonesian women aged 20 to 35 about their ideal man they all mentioned the following characteristics to be part of their ideal man:
Be able to provide
Be able to have fun
Be approved by her family and society
Be religious

  1. Manly
    When asked what they wanted in a man, many women noted that they wanted a manly man. Moreover, when asked what a manly man was most women responded that they wanted their man to be masculine and be able to act as well behave like a man. Others were actually very specific and said that he had to have a great physique as well be a good at everything that makes a man a man.
  2. Be Able To Provide
    Most unmarried girls between the ages of 20 to 34 in Indonesia stay with their parents even after they have great jobs. As such, they are able to cater to their needs as well as the needs of their family. Therefore, they and mentioned that a man to them was someone who would be able to sustain her and her family better than she had.
    Also most women mentioned that they love to shop as such, their ideal man should be able to keep up with her spending habits. It is basically like picking an online casino game to play, play one within your budget.
  3. Be Fun Loving
    Women in upper ranger of 25 to 30 said they loved to have fun mentioning the fact that the nightlife in places like Bali and Jakarta was like no other in the world. As such, as much they wanted to be wives someday, they hoped that their ideal man would be able to also need to have little fun every now and gain. Not exactly going to the clubs, but general fun.
  4. Be Approved By Family And Society
    Indonesian girls are family people and they care about what their society thinks about them. Therefore, a man to them was someone who is approved by not only her family but someone whom society approves of as well.
  5. Be Religious
    Some women even mentioned that wanted a man to be religious and to be part of the religion that she follows specifically. Mentioning the fact it may be hard to get married to someone who is not in the same religion as she is. As such, most mentioned that the religious factor was also another thing that the considered to be crucial in her selection of a man.